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KT19 Series II KT19-Series II
Infrared Pyrometer

Research and Industrial Application tool

-100oC - 3000oC

  • Self contained measuring system
  • Integrated LCD display
  • Fast 5mS response
  • Target aiming by thru-the-lens sighting
    and/or built-in laser pointer

KT19-II Series Brochure

KT15IIP Series KT15 Series IIP
Infrared Thermometer

Research and Industrial Temperature Monitor

-100oC - 3000oC

  • Compact and rugged industrial sensor
  • Field programmable functions and parameters
  • Optional laser aiming
  • Fast 5mS response available

KT15 Series IIP Brochure

CT18 Series CT18 Series
Infrared Pyrometer

Metals, Ceramics, Semiconductors, 
Mineral Processing

  • High Temperature up to 3000°C
  • Small Spot Size
  • Short Wavelength
  • Fiber Optic
  • Fast Response

CT18.03 Series Datasheet

CT18.04 Series Datasheet

CT09 Series CT09 Infrared Temperature Sensor

General purpose, online low temperature 

-30°C - 900°C

(-100°C on request)


Within their class of economy instruments, these 
excel in terms of high accuracy,
reproducibility and long term stability


CT09.10 Data Sheet


Infrared Thermometer for
Harsh Environments

CT15 - IP67
CT13 - IP68


Rubber, Plastics, Ceramics, Glass,
Food & Textiles


  • Compact and rugged industrial sensor for
    harsh environments
  • Field programmable functions and parameters
    via digital interface

CT15 Series Brochure
CT13 Series Brochure

SC15 Line Scanner

LS15 Series

Infrared Line Scanning System

90o Scan Angle

  • In conjunction with the KT15, CT18 or KT19, the SC15
    scanner provides precise
     temperature distribution
    measurement for moving targets.  The combined system
    is referred to as an LS15 Series.
  • Designed for measuring surface temperature profiles
    in the range from -50 to 3000oC
  • Wide scanning angle of 90 degrees allows remote
    temperature sensing over extended surface areas

SC15 Linescanner Attachment Specifications

Transfer Radiation Thermometer

Transfer Radiation Thermometers

TRT Series

  • A transfer standard of the highest level
  • For the accurate transfer of temperatures from
    National Metrological Institutes to user's
    Black Body Radiators

Transfer Radiation Thermometer Brochure
Calibration Equipment Brochure

Heitronics SW Series Blackbody Radiator

Blackbody Calibration Sources


Temperature Sources for Calibration for Infrared
Thermometers, Pyrometers and Thermal Imaging


  • Calibration sources available from -20 to +1000oC
  • Apertures from 25mm to 60mm
  • Very high emissivity

Calibration Equipment Brochure



Additional Infrared Product Information:


List of Infrared Applications

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HEITRONICS' Innovative Features

Superior Infrared Technology:

* Lithium Tantalate pyroelectric detectors utilizing chopped radiation method

* Proprietary chopper motor with 11.5 year MTBF

* Dielectric interference filters for 20 different spectral bands

...combined with high quality refractive optics:

* Hard coated crystalline germanium lenses for high target definition

* ZnSe or CaF2 lenses for thru-the-lens-sighting

* Interchangeable lenses and 3 different detector sizes


...results in unequalled performance features:

* Wide temperature range: -50°C - 3000°C

* Temperature resolution: 0.1°K (0.2°F)

* Accuracy: 0.5°C for targets at ambient temperature

* Long term stability: < 0.01% RDG/month

* Ambient temperature drift: Completely compensated from 0°C to 60°C

* Definition of target spot: as small as 1 mm

* Spectral emissivity: Matched to highest emissivity of target material

* Response time: As fast as 5 msec (t90)

...augmented by programmable parameters:

* Measured temperature range (°C, °F, K)

* Output signal (0-20mA; 4-20mA; 0-1V; 0-10V)

* Response time

* Emissivity adjustment, including compensation of ambient radiation

* Built-in calibration/diagnostic range



Wintronics Calibration provides the highest level of measurement service available today to ensure the exacting quality you demand from your measurement equipment.




Wintronics' Field Engineer Services manages all your service engineers' calibration needs - from equipment scheduling and tracking to shipping and calibration - and provides quality reports and certificates of calibration.